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Title: Acceptance
Author: [personal profile] ruyu
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Wordcount: 100
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): implied John/Sherlock

Tomorrow, perhaps, I'll realize, or admit.
I'll succumb or just accept.
That you are all, everything, the answer.
You are every answer I've ever needed.
How do I get back to living?
What will make my stars shine brighter?
And what will keep me breathing when all grows cold and hazy?
You will. Your sharp eyes and deliberate, exquisite hands.
Your quick wit and systematic thoughts.
I already know how far you fall for me.
So tomorrow, I'll tell you, "Sherlock, it's all fine," and then kiss you.
Because I want you to be fine with me and me alone.
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100 Words: Speckled Map
Inspired by [ profile] 100_words

The hills are golden in the distance, browns and maroons dust their bases. A sweet light rains down as you fly through the speck town that only lasted 2.5 miles. But who's counting?

It's trips likes these -- aimless and directionless – that you manage to forget that you have no real home to return to. That place that draws you back is only a dot on your already speckled map. It'll change soon enough, to another place you get dragged back to.

Your life's a mess, but the road isn't – and at least it comes with a map.

I like this. ^^

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