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Whooo. More Assassins Creed Love. I know most of my f-list are Bleach fans, but who knows, maybe I'll convert some of you. Yay for shipping!

Yeah...color. I really don't wanna do it, but I will 'cause these guys deserve it. *wink*

Altair and Malik getting cumfy with each other... )
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More Assassins Creed sketchery... )
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I was super bored today so I whipped out my tablet and practiced. I haven't really used my tablet much cause I couldn't figure out why it wasn't doing the things I wanted it to do. Then I realized that I since I got my new Mac, I hadn't installed the program that controls it, so before all it was doing was acting as a regular mouse. *facepalm*

Now that's fixed and it worked out much better this time. While the drawing might not be good, it's progress as far as I'm concerned.

Smiling Altair @ DeviantArt

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