Jul. 15th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Ugh. My brain hurts. I just read 45,195 words in 3 hours. This beast of fanfic has just fried my brain.

Totally worth it though. ^^
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Who just bought the last Sherlock Holmes Literal Writer's Block: Ruyu did. Ha. I'm stupidly happy.
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Mr. Holmes
by *Ruyu-san on deviantART
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A image response to THIS POST post at [livejournal.com profile] cox_and_co.

I'll kiss you awake, breath my love right into your body... )
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Some more Sherlock fanart. Click preview to go to full image in my scrapbook. Cheers, guys.

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Lol. My first cheesy-ass animated icon. My brilliance is EPIC.

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My Watson
by ~AshinGale-Effect on deviantART

I just have to pimp this macro. Every time I get on my DA I see this in my fav's and giggle at it.
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Progress. Now I don't wanna color it. Ugh.

Update: Finished (for now) on Deviantart
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I think this is a good as I'm going to get. John H. Watson, you were a complete bitch to draw. I hope you'll be easier to draw after this point (don't get me started on his outfit). I just have to stop myself from tweaking it and just carry on with how it is. God, I didn't realize how picky I am, and in the end my drawing still don't look that good. T.T 

Now, all that has to be done is to finish Watson's outfit and do his line-art and then I can finish coloring. Sounds easy, yes? 
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 Erm... my drawing pissed me off and I made myself feel better by making a Watson wallpaper. The resolution is 1440x900 for my Mac, but if anyone's interested in it and needs a different resolution, I'll gladly made one up for you. ^^


H/W Fanart

Apr. 7th, 2010 03:45 pm
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Still slowly working on this. I've stuck with Holmes's design and avoided Watson for now. I'm having serious trouble drawing him, mainly his face. (I know it's the mustache, it throws me for loop) One night needs to be devoted to his sketching and final lineart - I just don't want to do it. >.< I'm open for suggestions on any part of the drawing, 'cause really, none its final at this point. Cheers guys. 

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Working, slowly, on some Holmes/Watson art. Lately, I'm just too tired from work to do anything creative. Sunday had best get here fast.

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