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No Master of this Mind
In and out of control, always, never, of you, of me
And this is not the end, downhill, downhill from now on
You're not sayin' anything that makes sense
No words, no conversation, no imagination anymore, anymore
Unsaved, unsure, unafraid but so, so afraid of everything
Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday, the same as ever
The same as five minutes from now and we haven't changed
Still in and out of control, someone else pushing my buttons
Someone else is the Master of my Mind.
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by *Ruyu-san on deviantART
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by *Ruyu-san on deviantART
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My girl from THIS piece. I'm not sure why I like her so much, but I ended up making her a vector. I skipped her legs and shoes because they were drawn badly in the beginning and that made it harder to switch to vector. Took about an hour in Illustrator plus some fussing with her color.

Have you ever seen a green sunset? Me either... )
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I really should clean out my files more. I keep finding really cool stuff. I found this small fic, I think it was from a promp that [ profile] visualcomplexe posted a few months back. I'd forgotten about it entirely.

Come and take my hand and I'll lead you somewhere secret... )
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Eye See You
by *Ruyu-san on deviantART
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by ~Ruyu-san on deviantART
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An Odd Bunch
by ~Ruyu-san on deviantART

I got bored. Took me about an hour and a half. Now I will sleep.


Apr. 15th, 2010 02:37 am
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 No. I have no idea why I drew this. XD


Apr. 12th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Original Doodle under the cut... )
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More art. From my sketchbook. Copic markers. 

Yes, it's Worksafe... )
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Ok. Another shot at drawing and coloring in photoshop. It's getting easier, I just need to keep at it. There's some NEKKID people under the cut, just warning you (two dudes if that makes you feel any better ^^)

Critiquing is welcome for anyone who has the time to pop in with a comment, or not, it's cool. 

Bring on the nudity... )
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This is just a doodle I did inspired by my original fic "Inked".

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This is the original fiction I am currently working. Two chapters so far...nothing epic.

Title: While in The City
Author: [ profile] ruyu
Pairing: Original Characters
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Warnings: Mentions of prostitution
Summary: Even if you've lived in the city your whole life - there's always something new to discover.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to me. If you wanna use them, ask me.

While in the City - Part I & 2 )


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