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Why do guys have awesome shoes with no female equivalent? I think it's unfair that a style of shoe (this style in particular) should be limited to the male sex. I also think they're bad-ass, but they're for men. Where's the love for the ladies?
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We're back! We ended up staying the night at the beach house. The wind was wicked and I think I'm sunburnt/wind-burnt. My Mom, her best friend, Sam and myself went to Lulu's to eat and I bought my mom her Mother's Day dinner. We did some random shopping in which I spent way too much money and then we bummed it out at the beach house until the sun went down. I enjoyed it. I bring you pictures. Enjoy.

Some photos from the beach... )
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 Hey guys. Here's the photos that you requested in THIS MEME that I post about a week ago. I've got a few extra's in here from my personal life so I'm not going to name anyone or their request, I trust that you'll be able to find the ones you asked for. 
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Well...this is me. In the flesh. I'm wearing a cap because it gets cold in my room, and my ears are sensitive.

I'm turning 22 in a month and I still feel like I'm 17 or something. And nothing has really changed in 5 years. I'm still in school, still living with my parents, paying my own bills, working where I've worked since I graduated and just as lonely as ever. My twin sister moved out a month ago and I'm loathed to admit that I miss her and love it when she stops by to visit us. I find this pathetic, because she only lives a half a mile away from us, so it's not like she's far away. But still....we all work and don't have the time like we used to.

The last day of classes are Nov. 30 and Dec.1, followed by Exam Week and you can bet that I'm counting down the days. This has been, hands down, the worst semester of my college life. Even the professors agree that this Fall has been particularly draining. I'm taking a few days off after my last exam/due date and for my birthday (they're in the same week) and just chill and then get drunk with my sister on our birthday.

Sounds like a plan.

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