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No Master of this Mind
In and out of control, always, never, of you, of me
And this is not the end, downhill, downhill from now on
You're not sayin' anything that makes sense
No words, no conversation, no imagination anymore, anymore
Unsaved, unsure, unafraid but so, so afraid of everything
Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday, the same as ever
The same as five minutes from now and we haven't changed
Still in and out of control, someone else pushing my buttons
Someone else is the Master of my Mind.
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7 Deadly Sins Poetry Series @ [ profile] wayward_visions

Pride | Envy | Gluttony | Lust | Anger | Greed | Sloth
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I sat on my porch to draw the night, the stars and clouds that wander gently across the moon, it's bluish-yellow glow tinting their whitened edges. My pencil danced across the page, lingering where the world was darkest and empty. Smoke rose from my cigarette and I wasn't quite sure what I had drawn just then. My eyes had no light to see by, no knowledge of the path my pencil had taken. The night had simply drawn itself (whatever it thought of it itself).
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Even the colors on my paintbrush seem dull these days.
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Hey guys. Sorry for all the poetry. I'm in one of my moods - where you just gotta speak and write and dream on paper for a bit to feel better. 

BTW: I'm on LULU if anyone anyone wants to rate my writing. XD

You're Shallow, Man

You’re shallow, man
I mean it, you’re right up there with the lily pads
All green and pink in the face
Those words you speak; they don’t mean much
Cuttin’ corners and standing in the shade
Reading those books in the front, not the back
The ones with the covers lost from bein’ read too much
The good ones with their dog ears and coffee stains
They’re the ones you should’ve read
Mister Top of the Charts pointed and you followed
Front page, billboard, up and coming but soon forgotten
You’ll never sink down here if you float up there
Up with the seaweed of the culture, moving where the currents go
Ending up on some black beach with sunburnt folks and their bestsellers
Sink with the weight of epiphany; the knowledge that you found from that golden rule
The rule of waking up late ‘cause you had to read slower due to the faded pages
(Someone must have loved that book before you, really loved it, ached over it)
Of walking home with dust on your nose
Of making art instead of others telling you about it
I mean it, man
You gotta sink a bit to have lived your own life



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Blackberry Pie

Tap, tap on my shoulder
Last call, you say with that greasy smile
Licking your fingers free of bacon and whipped cream
I still imagine how tasteless you really are
Lady, this is my night, my time to just...
I’ll take the air from this place
The last goddamn place that still serves bitter blackberry pie
My coffees gone cold,
Crumbs from that last piece of pie still float in it
I notice this, but your eyes have gone cocky with impatience
I want to tell you how good your pie is, but that might be harassment on my part
With a nod of my head and good show of cleaning myself up you finally walk away
Your eyes cut back to see if I’m reaching for the tip I don’t think you need
I leave the diner and lights scream
Gold, cerulean , lipstick - I know my basic colors
Only here they crawl up your legs and pull you down
Like that waitress from the diner,
Rushing you when you only wanted some pie.
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No longer enough

I changed my mind today, so many times
Love you, hate you, yes, wait, no...
A big mess is what I've made
Simply living is no longer enough, is it?
You've got to suffer, grieve and die before it counts
Immediate, give me something to hang on to
Ground me, 'cause I can't do it myself
All these lies cloud my decisions,
Some days I can see you feeding them to me
Now, I can clearly say this, "It just isn't worth it."
Tell me differently and I might just change my mind
But I've already changed my mind today
So many times...

Guys, don't listen to me today, or this post for that matter. I think my head got screwed on wrong when I woke up this morning. It just hasn't been the same as it usually is.


Jan. 25th, 2010 02:41 am
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Give me a few days, hours even, that's all it takes
Glanced, touches, whispers, strokes...
My palm is sweet with honey
Can you smell it?
Move on, next in line,
I've got my stash all set for you
Did I tell you, "you're special?"
Babe, you're number one - right now
Right when I need you and you're in my sights
Next time is on your mind,
I'm already four days ahead - you're old news
Yesterday's past and sweety, I've already forgotten you
That novelty is flickering just so,
My shiny new thing for as long as I need
I don't have a problem with tarnishing silver
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Not there anymore...

For all your busy hands and kisses,
Nothing really holds me, binds me to you
All that want and no need - it's just not there anymore.
You open me up, looking for something
Searching, searching... searching and still not finding.
That thought makes me feel hollow,
'Cause it was just another thing I couldn't give you
There's a list of those now - all those 'couldn't and can't's',
Filling up the space between our open mouth kisses
Leaving that dull feeling after your touches.
It's only gonna get harder to love you.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 12:01 am
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They change, memories
A moment ago I though I had loved you
But now that doesn't seem right
Gardening out the brightness
You still sink and twist amongst the weeds
There is more than a bright shade here
Color dies, memory captures and holds
And fools us
Suddenly that seems right -
To forget the dullness at noon
As everything withered away
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Worlds Apart

We're all worlds apart, aren't we?
In our own way, shifting as time does.
Second to second, like we've never even met.
Directions point me over the way
And you're right behind me, waiting
But not seeing that shared future.
How long does that scream echo?
Will your ears take note?
All those things that do and do not connect us,
Fly away, around, and yes,
Echoing for all to hear.

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