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It's too late to go print my promotional posters for class in the morning. BUT I've discovered that my HP Printer will do the job fine. I may have to tile one of them, but that's perfectly acceptable. It saves me so much time and stress. The lab hours for the design lab are only 9-11 tonight, so there is a good chance I wouldn't get to print anyway if there are other students in there. Plus the gas it takes to get out there is horrendous. Now I can procrastinate as late as I want to and still print them myself. And I have my rice pudding with me. XD
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Hey guys. I just HAVE to Pimp this out.

Fanfction Header Builder

I format everthing in HTML and not Rich text nowadays and this is gonna save me so much time when I use it.
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 Someone in my family unknowingly violated AOL's terms of service and we've have our emails suspended/terminated. Hmph. So I've just spent the last 2 hours switching EVERYTHING over to my new email. Geez, what a pain in the ass. But I think got all the important stuff handled, just one or two more sites dealing with my student loans and I'll be good to go. Cherish your email's people, cherish them because you will miss them if something should happen like it did to me. *wails* 
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I've got a problem, so I'll explain the situation.

I love to read and even more, I love to read eBooks. They don't take up space on my bookshelf and they save trees. I've got an iPod Touch and I've been using B&N's eReader App to read my e-books. I can also read them on my computer, but I've prefered my iPod Touch. But now that my library is growing and the number of ebooks I like to keep on hand (this means not having every ebook I've ever downloaded in an active viewing library) is becoming too much for my little iPod to handle.

So. Is it worth paying nearly $300 for Nook?

Larger library capacity
Instant purchase and download of books
No glare on the screen (YAY!)
Displays PDF's (this is very good news)
Free Wireless in any B&N store (I practically live there anyway)
Customizable skins and covers XD
Storage upgrades for more memory
Removable battery + extra batteries available

Cost, but it's what Amazon's Kindle is running for
I've heard the Lending feature has bugs and you can only lend an eBook once. That's it.
With the first Nook version on the run, a new version will soon be available like the Kindle2, with improved features and technical fixes.
....I can't think of anymore. But that's good, right?


I also read THIS article and it was very, very help. It's just a scary though to be buy something so expensive and it living up to your expectations. *facepalm*

F-list, if anyone got a helpful opinion, I'd love to hear it - good or bad. XD I LUV you guys.  :3
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Apple iPad


Another Apple creation. This sucker goes for $500. The thing is huge! I'm not sure what I think about it, I'll have do some more research before I decided if it's good buy, or just another Apple product that everyone has to have - but doesn't really need.

I personally want the Barnes & Nobles 'Nook'. That and the Kindle are much easier on the eyes and are much cheaper and serve the purpose that I need. I've already got a Mac Book Pro and my iPod Touch, why would I want anything else?

F-list, there is no need to comment on this post (unless you really want to), it is mostly for my owner personal amusment.
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Apple just released their new Magic Mouse. I'll admit that it looks pretty cool and the features mimic that of the new itouch technology. Downfall (for me at least)? It's cost is $70... for a mouse. Ouch. I'm doing perfectly fine with my Logitech mouse that cost like $12 bucks. I'm sure someone in my Graphic Design class will have one soon and I can test it before I even consider getting it. $70 dollars? Really. I give it a year and it'll be half that.

Here's the video by apple if you want to investigate.

If you've never used a MAC, some of the technology can be pretty awe inspiring - but not so new to us MAC users. (no offense PC's, I used to be one myself).


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